01/06/2021 10:36

What do you think about buying an air purifier? Is it worthy or just a waste of money! Tell us your thoughts on air purifier in the comments. Research shows that by using an air purifier we can dramatically improve our health and overall quality of life! To avoid breathing polluted air may be difficult when we’re outside. But, by using an air purifier at home or at work, we can easily control the indoor air quality (IAQ). So, let’s talk about the top 5 benefits of air purifiers and why we all need one.

Top 5 benefits of Air Purifiers:

1. Asthma & Allergies

Asthma attacks are often triggered by exposure to traffic pollution and smoke. Steroid medication is commonly prescribed for treating asthma. But medication alone cannot fully control the disease. Which is why using an air purifier is extremely important for those suffering from asthma.

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, especially during the fall and springtime. Ragweed is often the culprit. The symptoms are usually a stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and general discomfort. Antihistamines can treat the symptoms. However, people tend to get drowsy taking them and build a tolerance, which makes them ineffective. Using an air purifier is far more effective and a much healthier option for allergy sufferers.

2. Common Household Dust

We all have to battle household dust to some degree. However, people living in high-humidity climates have far more dust to deal with than most. Dust is made up of tiny particles of mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, fiber, human skin, and insect parts.

It’s no wonder that dust is such a powerful trigger for common allergic reactions. There are other effective ways to keep indoor air clean but an air purifier is the most effective solution for combatting these annoying airborne particles.

3. Pollen

Pollen is an inescapable part of nature since it’s everywhere. We are all exposed to pollen whenever we’re outdoors because it’s on grass, flowers, trees, and plants of all kinds. These tiny airborne particles can easily penetrate into our house.

An air purifier can very effectively remove pollen from the air inside your home, which would minimize your allergic reactions so that you could fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

4. VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are constantly being emitted from many things in our indoor environment, such as cleaning supplies, air freshener sprays, paints, adhesives, and pesticides. These chemical compounds are being inhaled regularly by a great number of people who have no idea that they can cause serious long-lasting breathing problems.

People who live or work where VOCs are in the air should definitely use an air purifier equipped with activated charcoal based filters. The activated carbon filter has the ability to effectively absorb the chemical gasses polluting the air.

5. Smoke

You should avoid smoking at home at first. Cigarette smoke is very difficult to get rid of since it’s comprised of hundreds of different particulates and gasses. The only way to remove cigarette smoke effectively from indoor is to use an advanced type of air purifier.

The more the air is cleaner we can breathe easily. Eventually, that helps to bring more oxygen inside our blood and thus more energy. More energy means good mood and happiness. Share this article for someone might be helpful. Cheers!