01/06/2021 09:43

An air purifier does not cool the air in the room as there are no air cooling mechanisms used in typical air purifiers. Generally, an air purifier is a fan that circulates the air in a closed space through its mechanical, electrical, or hybrid air filters. Although, some types of air purifiers do not require a fan like the ionizers. Learn more about different air purifying technologies.

Air Purifier is a Fan:

However, as an air purifier acts as a fan, so you might feel cooler if the airflow direction is towards your body. Like the fan, the airflow from the air purifier will make you feel cooler by moving the air over your skin. The cold feeling will depend on the air delivery rate (CADR) of the air purifier, which is usually 80-300 CFM on average. The CFM of a ceiling or desk fan is much higher (1000+ cfm), so the chill feeling from an air purifier will be significantly low.

Airflow directions Matters:

We all know about the ceiling fan has two modes: summer mode and winter mode. In summer mode, the ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise and creates an airflow towards us. In winter mode, the ceiling fan rotates clockwise to pull the air from the ground and pushes the hot air from the ceiling, as we know the warm air rises towards the ceiling.

As we said earlier, air purifiers work as a fan. Nevertheless, unlike the fans, the air delivery directions of air purifiers differ from models and manufacturers. There are two types of air outflow design we can see in modern air purifiers.

Air Purifiers Airflow Directions:

Upward airflow direction: Most of the air purifiers use upward air delivery directions to circulate the air in a room. These air purifiers drawn the air from the front, back, sideways, or use 360-degree directions. You don’t feel any colder, and these airflow designs will make the room hotter by pulling down the warm air from the ceiling. So, we can say these air purifiers are winter-friendly, and you won’t get any extra benefit in summer.

Forward airflow direction: Linear air intake and outflow design can be seen on tower-style air purifiers. These air purifiers draws air from the backside and deliver towards the front. Some air purifier uses oscillating features like stand fans. You can be benefitted from these types of air purifiers during the summer season.

Perfect for: Summer season

So, an air purifier won’t lower the temperature of the room. Based on the airflow rate (CADR) and the directions, you will feel chilled or not. An air purifier is a device that you can use throughout the year. However, some air purifier design types can benefit you in some season.